L&D Strategy • Feb 3rd

Useful tips for co-facilitation

Written by Claire Coughlan

useful tips for co facilitation

Have you ever paired up with a colleague to facilitate a training event?

I’m currently working with a client who is using this as part of the overall implementation plan for a project we are collaborating on. There are however, some things to consider when co-delivering and I thought it might be useful to share some tips we discussed:

  1. Decide who is taking the lead in the training room – they should open and close the event.
  2. Get to know the person you are facilitating with and their strengths. Play to them in the room and identify who is best suited to what aspect of the training e.g. running activities, taking questions from the floor, timekeeping and so on
  3. Whether you are speaking or not remain present at all times – you never know when your co-facilitator might need a bit of help
  4. Unless it fundamentally impacts the learning with inaccurate information, dont interrupt your colleague and destroy credibility. Use breaks to discuss any issues and bring them back to the group for clarification
  5. Use co-facilitation as an opportunity to learn and grow. In the same way that you would prep for a training event, include some time afterwards for coaching and feedback

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