Learning and development strategies to optimise growth.

Take an inclusive approach to helping people
grow in knowledge, skill and competency.
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Increase organisation performance

Build a learning and development strategy aligned to business objectives.

Enterprise organisations are innovative, forward-thinking and resilient, enhanced by an L&D strategy which reflects the changing landscape of organisational priorities.

If you’re looking to drive your business forward maximising the impact of learning interventions by plugging knowledge gaps, enhancing skills and improving competency will take you to the next level.

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‘24% higher profit margins can be the result
of companies who invest in training’

Huffington Post

What does Bodhi Consultancy offer?

Working from the optimal view point
of your organisation’s landscape.

Bodhi Consultancy has over 20 years’ experience in the public and private sector creating strategic learning plans that align to organisational objectives. Implementing a learning culture of responsibility and professional development will result in positive change that directly impacts business growth.

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Maximise growth opportunities with a people development agenda

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Resolve high employee turnover and poor productivity

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Enhance leadership, communication and instil accountability

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Connect multiple business levels, functions, geographies and cultures


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Unique L&D programmes

Collaborating with you on the 
balcony and the dancefloor.

How your organisation benefits

Prioritising plans and shaping the future on the balcony.

In partnership we work to clarify learning needs, gain insight through analysis and empower you to make informed decisions that are right for you and your business. Through collaborative ideas generation we recommend solutions based on your main drivers as a business.

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Define outcomes to ensure your organisation profits

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Identify return on investment success measures

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Recognise key priorities for change that are aligned to your business objectives

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Establish the resources (both tangible and intangible) needed to deliver that change

Transformation solutions

Creating champions and change makers on the dancefloor.

Choose your organisation’s learning and development strategy to be delivered using the most appropriate mode of delivery, including face-to-face workshops, fully blended learning experiences or online live training. Bodhi Consultancy will develop and implement solutions that support your transformation aspirations.

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Developing engaging learning experiences aligned to your vision, values and strategic direction

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Creating training that improves knowledge, skills, attitudes and habits across leaders and their teams

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Delivering training re-energising individual
accountability and creative problem-solving
capabilities across leaders and their teams

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Generating positive impact on customer/client
relationships and profitability

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Tangible results visible in people and profits

Ensuring innovation, inspiration and impact.

We continuously monitor and adjust our approach so that strategies and training remain relevant and impactful to operational requirements, providing a pathway for continuous improvement.

Let’s talk about your learning and 
development strategic needs