L&D Strategy • Feb 3rd

Maintaining the quality of
learning in your organisation

Written by Claire Coughlan

maintaining the quality of learning

Why is it important your car is MOT’d on an annual basis? Aside from it being something we are legally required to do, there are more subtle benefits:

  • It proves the vehicle is safe to drive to a particular standard
  • We can proactively take measures to ensure that any potential issues are raised early and resolved
  • It provides peace of mind to us and other road users on the road that the vehicle is not dangerous


In the same way that we would always be vigilant about the health of the vehicle we drive, we should also be conscious of applying similar standards to the approach taken with maintaining the quality of our businesses learning interventions.

Staying on top of this activity, like maintaining your car, requires a bit of effort, but is worth it in the long run when:

  • The quality of the training remains relevant to the learners and operational needs
  • Businesses are able to respond quickly and can upskill colleagues consistently and with ease and to clear standards
  • Standards are maintained that keep our customers and staff safe at all times
  • We can add to, remove and modify the learning offered without having to start from scratch

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